Eurosatory 16-20 juin 2014 Paris

Eurosatory 16-20 juin 2014 Paris

Lundi, juillet 29, 2013 (All day)

Registration   has been open since 25th February, 2013!

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Defence   & Security world-leading event, EUROSATORY includes a highly focused Air-land   section and continues to grow at every edition.

  • Helicopters and light        aircraft for        Army Aviation and Security Forces
  • MALE UAV, tactical, mini-UAS,        UAS WASP, VTOL:        73 systems exhibited in 2012 

Air-Defence: Long / Medium / SHORAD /        V-Shorad Air-Defence systems, Manpad, Surveillance radar and mast,        C-RAM, Missiles, guns and ammunitions, Target drones

    Airborne Equipment:parachuting, air delivery        materiel and systems, clothing, helmets, masks, visors, night goggles,        navigation systems  
  • Pods : Rocket launchers, guns,        chainguns, jamming, electro-optical devices

Strengthening   the security domain, EUROSATORY attracts products and systems on display used   by Defense and Security Forces (Police, Civil Security, Emergency   service units, Customs,...) and also by Private sector.

EUROSATORY   2014 gathers the entire Land & Air-land Defence & Security industry:

Major   multinational industrial prime contractors, OEMs, upgrading, training,   simulation specialists, and many others.


EUROSATORY   2014 products,   services & industry sectors classification meet the following needs:

- Armed   Forces: Operational Units, Special Forces, Military academies,   Support units, Training centers

- Security   Forces: Police, Gendarmerie, Customs, Civil Security, Law   Enforcement, Fire Departments

- Civil   security, emergency response & disaster relief companies: International   Organizations, NGOs

- Private   security companies : PSC, Military Training, assistance and   consulting

- Multinational   companies: Oil and gas, mining industries

- Others:   oceanography, sustainable Development, farming, Entertainment and   sport corporations

Select your stand that best suits your needs and   use exhibition key-assets provided by us.

Join the   Land & Air-land Defence & Security community,

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We look   forward to welcoming you at Eurosatory. The whole COGES team is mobilized to   make your participation a success!